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Green hydrogen (GH2) will play a crucial role in helping the world achieve its sustainable energy goals.  GH2 is produced using water and renewable energy (wind and solar) and when used as an energy source, has zero carbon emissions. Hydrogen can be used across a broad range of applications such as power generation, industrial applications and mobility. It can be transported in virtual gas pipelines and be used for fuel, heating and generation of electricity.

Hydrogen provides a simple and clean source of energy that can be generated through renewable energy and dispatched when needed. Hydrogen has a multi-faceted energy reach, being usable in power generation system, up to fuel for hydrogen powered vehicles. 

At Hyphen Technical, we are committed to helping to drive the hydrogen economy to realization. We focus on developing technical solutions, projects and intellectual property in the green power fuels arena and further the green hydrogen economy.

The core benefits of green hydrogen power systems:

Energy security

Always available energy

Energy cost control

Predictable low cost escalation


Available when you need it


Reducing the impact on the environment

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