We provide hydrogen based power and fuel solutions for various industry clients and applications

As Hyphen Technical, we focus our attention on large energy consuming equipment in heavy industry, where most of the world's energy consumption occurs. We provide solutions to convert existing vehicles, mobile equipment and plant equipment to operate on hydrogen as a fuel.



Power Generation






Hydrogen Combustion engines and conversions

Hyphen Technical does custom conversions of vehicles to allow the use of hydrogen as a fuel. Two types of conversions are:

The conversions can be in one of four ways:

Hydrogen storage solutions for on-board vehicle fuel storage are also provided and include compressed hydrogen tanks of 350 to 700 bar of type 2, 3 and type 4, respectively.


Hyphen Technical seeks to provide wholistic clean energy solutions to its clients. When confronted by the need to reduce carbon emissions, we are strongly in favour of a logical, systematic and stable approach to transitioning. Thus, our solutions and perspective look at the ultimate higher level organisational goals of a client and ensure that these goals of the business is met through our solution. We accomplish this by using systems engineering techniques, requirements tracking and multi level systems thinking.

Hy2REEF system

The Hy2REEF system is a system developed by Hyphen Technical which takes a total systems view of energy consumption of your company and provides a optimally designed hydrogen energy and fuel system to meet the needs of the operational system.

Hy2REEF is designed to provide:

Green H2 Fuel Systems

Hydrogen production through electrolysis, providing electrolyser, oxygen scrubber, dehumidifier, hydrogen storage, hydrogen piping and equipment and refuelling stations

Green H2 Dispatchable Power Systems

Utilising H2 Fuel Systems in combination with renewable sources (solar and wind) to produce green power, supported by green hydrogen dispatchable generation capability

Green H2 Hybrid Power and Fuel

Combining fuel and electricity needs, Hy2REEF provides electricity, fuel and heat for power needs, vehicle and heating fuel needs and heat energy for process heat.