About us

What makes us who we are


Hyphen Technical Investment Limited, or Hyphen Technical, was born through a collaborative effort between members of Hyphen Hydrogen Energy and Traxtion-Sheltam, and their controlling shareholder, Nicholas Holdings Africa Limited.

The goal to be achieved through the formation of this entity is to establish a technically-focussed company that can stand on its own and develop the technology for implementing hydrogen as a fuel on rolling stock and other freight vehicles.

Vision and Mission

Hyphen Technical is a company founded to identify, develop, implement and enable the roll-out of hydrogen consumption applications in various industry sectors by applying sound engineer, systems integration and new innovations.


Our vision is to create a channel for the creation and development of renewable hydrogen-powered vehicles in freight sector to reduce the cost of operations and emissions contributions from operations and capitalize on linked opportunities


Our mission is to develop intellectual property and engineer solutions to utilize green hydrogen and related fuels as a primary energy source for various industry sectors and transportation vehicles.


Hyphen Technicals objectives are: