Hyphen Technical provides its clients with the following key enabling services:

We pride in bring our clients an objective view of their energy requirements and the very best service to provide a solution that will provide the optimum answer to their energy needs.

Project development and implementation

Hyphen Technical does complete project development, from conceptualisation to implementation, using its network of partners, suppliers and EPC contractors. Our focus is to add value in the design complexity 

Renewable Hydrogen power system design

In order to develop fully renewable power systems, Hyphen Technical performs concept and detail designs for large scale utility PV power plants for industrial and state customers. This enables synergy and much needed cost optimisation between the renewables capacity and other energy systems linked to it.

Hydrogen fuel and heat energy system design

In many cases, industrial clients have a range of energy needs. This includes electricity, fuel, heat for process. We provide a holistic view to the client on their energy usage and then develop a Hydrogen Fuel and Power System that will meet either partial or full electrical, fuel and process heat needs.

Financing of projects and model

In terms of implementation, Hyphen Technical is an builder, owner and operator of such plants. We enter into long term power and fuel purchase agreement (PFPA) for 20-30 years with our clients and make sure that the cost of energy makes their operations achievable and secures that energy need over the life of the contract.